N E V A c
Are you a non-profit looking to use the extreme demand for document imaging services to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities?

Are you a company specializing in providing paper document to electronic media conversion services?

Are you a company with a high volume centralized document management process?

  • The ability to monitor the status of all document conversion work anywhere in your facility.
  • Alerts for operational personnel and managers concerning task execution.
  • A role-based workflow to conform to your facility managerment and business processes.
  • A way to manage and modify the workflow processes and workload balancing with one "click" of the mouse.
  • A powerful error control process with automatic system corrective action.
  • powerful productivity reporting by customer, job, work batch, employee, client, and much more.
  • Role-based document level security.
  • Complete auditing of all system activity.
    ...And, so much more.
The Better Choice

If you are interested in creating jobs, increased productivity, lower operating costs, and higher profitability do not miss this opportunity to review what N E V Ac can do for your organization. Let us show you the last document conversion process management system you will ever have to buy.

The future is here now with N E V Ac by iScan
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