Why buy from iScan?

iScan invested a lot of resources in creating a powerful application which is also simple to use. What differentiates our product from the competition is the following:

Ease of use.

Considerable effort was made to make the user interaction with SimpleDOX as pleasant and easy as possible. The best way to judge is to install the software and try it in demo mode.

A Legally Compliant Solution.

SimpleDOX uses the TIFF graphic file format to store its scanned paper files to conform to federal and state electronic record guidelines. For electronic files imported into the system such as Microsoft word or excel, a TIFF formatted copy is also generated and stored in the system.

Competitive products use GIF/JPEG formats to reduce disk storage at the expense of no longer following legal archive guidelines. If you are using such a system, you may increase your legal liability exposure if you destroy your original documents! Use a legally compliant system such as SimpleDOX instead and save yourself from liability.

Legal Archives & Backups.

Our ArchiveDOX module is by far one of the most powerful applications in its class. CD-R media archives created by ArchiveDOX conform to Federal and State regulations making the CD media as legal as the original paper documents. ArchiveDOX CD media can be protected by any one or all five methods of data protection including 256 bit key encryption. The ArchiveDOX report generator keeps track of each volume created. All relevant information about what data files exist on the volume, who created the volume, when it was created, and other statistical data.

Concurrent licensing.

You can purchase 5 user licenses and install them on 10 or more workstations as long as only 5 users are on the system simultaneously. In other systems, you are often not allowed to even install the product on a system without a license for it. Our solution is ideal for companies that have many employees who need access to data. They can each have the system installed, and then simply connect when needed.

Full License.

We don’t hold anything back! You get all the features of SimpleDOX including OCR and legal archive/backup for less than you would pay for upgrading a competitor’s “Viewer Only” license to a full one later.

Flexible User Security.

SimpleDOX provides a security system that is as flexible as you want it to be. If you are an individual user or a family owned business, you can easily disable security restrictions for your system. If you are interested in additional security, iScan’s user and group-based security can provide the robust solution needed to secure access to sensitive documents in the system.

Industry Recognized file and data formats.

We use Microsoft database engines and file formats that are the de facto standard of the industry. Data can be exported to other systems with no difficulties and our database engine is ODBC compliant so other systems can link and use our system resources.

OEM universal interface. (API)

iScan engineers developed an Application Programming Interface that other programs can use to interact with SimpleDOX and integrate the two systems together. If a customer is using a software application specific to their industry, iScan engineers can work with your software provider to link the two applications together.

Unlimited Document Databases.

Contrary to a common industry practice of limiting the number of databases that the user can create, SimpleDOX imposes no limit on how many databases the user can create. A SimpleDOX user could manage their personal financial documents and small business documents in the same system with complete separation of access.

Powerful Search Capabilities.

SimpleDOX has powerful index field, text, and OCR searches for documents in the system, and more searching capabilities will be added in future upgrades and versions based on customer requests.

SuperiorTechnical Support.

With your service agreement, you will have access to some of the best support features available in the industry. A good example is iScan use of remote desktop support: an iScan technician will take control of your computer during a support session and solve your problem for you while you sit back and relax. This insures the quickest resolution of problems or frustration. For more information, visit iScan's Support Website.

Licensed users of SimpleDOX version 4.0 will also get a 50% discount on the upcoming .NET version.

Why Buy SimpleDOX?